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We have started construction on the new bakery at 403 Main St. in Calvert, TX. If all goes well we plan to have the Grand Opening February 2020   


Baking From 

The Heart

Pappy’s Bakery is coming together to generate income to help make disciples for Christ. The Name is a name based on a deep fellowship with our Father in Heaven. A name a child would call his loving fathers Father, Pappy. A bakery because He is the bread of life, the word bread occurs 361 times in the KJV, in acts we see our history of the early church where they broke bread and fellow-shipped then increased in number. There is a peace and hope that come from walking with other believers of Christ. We were not called to walk alone but in fellowship and love. When Jesus came back he made the disciples breakfast.

The people involved in this quest are here to grow them selves and help others along the way.

Pappy’s Bakery will sell bread, cakes and other goods to the community and people passing through, while spreading the word of God.

403 Main St. Calvert Texas 77837

Grand opening is scheduled for January 2019 barring any construction complications.

Jason Moss

We are accepting custom orders!!!

We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with an awesome couple from Hearne. The bakery is getting the full attention to be finished by February 2020. You can now contact Becky Hoffpauir at (979) 224-4931 to place your custom order

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